Does your Google search make a difference on your carbon footprint?

The “problem”…

Some people ( think that it is best to not use Google, because “they are evil” or whatnot. And then they come up with the CO2 thing and think that something like will save their souls. Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? Well. It is.

To get a deeper insight into this, we need numbers. Here they are:

The numbers…

Number of Google searches in Germany per day140M/d

Source: Orange Services
Number of searches Germany per capita140/80 = 1,75

Source: SWR
Energy per search request0,3 Wh = 0,0003 kWh

Current CO2 emission per kWh474 g

Source: UBA
Current CO2 emission per search474 g/kWh * 0,0003 kWh = 0,14 g
Current CO2 emission per capita and year (Germany)360 * 0,14 g = 51 g
Taking a hot shower (3:00 min)2885 g

Source: Süddeutsche Zeitung
Reduced time under the shower to compensate for your Google search emission?2:57 min.

The conclusion…

You could compensate for all of your annual Google searches by spending less than ten seconds less under the shower. Per year. Which translates to around 10 milliseconds a day, which I was happy to factor in this morning. I am feeling so much better now…