Agility has become the cornerstone of the ICT industry and is expanding both into the big companies and the non-ICT businesses.

Actually, agility is now one of the core competencies of any Lean Enterprise. According to one of the most successful scaled agile frameworks (the one found on, this both means Team Agility and Technical Agility.

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Q: Where do I find the complete list of anti-patterns?

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Q: What drives you?

Any intelligent fool can make things bigger, more complex, and more violent. It takes a touch of genius—and a lot of courage to move in the opposite direction.

E. F. Schumacher in “Small is Beautiful”, an essay, in The Radical Humanist, Vol. 37, No. 5 (August 1973), p. 22

Q: How does Agility fit into my rather traditional enterprise?

A: To be honest: It doesn’t. If your traditional enterprise doesn’t move, you will spend money for nothing. At least it will not work, if you want to take the bottom-up route. One of the key learnings of hundreds of transformation projects is: Start being agile at the C-level. Start with an organizational entity which promises the highest gain in customer value. Expand from there.

BTW: Changing your habits takes time. A long time. Take a look at Destin’s attempt to change the way how to ride a bicycle:

Q: How can VPC support you with regard to team agility?

Nothing beats an Agile team, except a team of Agile teams.
   —Scaled Agile, Inc.

A: As senior agile consultants we can help you to employ a blend of Agile methods, including Scrum and Kanban. We facilitate the end to end improvements towards customer value generation. We help to establish the collaboration between the Business Owners, developers, and testers to create alignment, common understanding, and quick, predictable delivery of value. We guide you to create an athomsphere in which small, cross-functional teams aligned around a shared purpose generate a Lean-Agile flow.

Q: What do you mean by “technical agility”?

Principle #9: Continuous attention to technical excellence and good design enhances agility.

   —The Agile Manifesto (

A: In a lean agile context the term “technical” applies to quite a lot of things. But it all starts by establishing a good development flow. Test First (Quality First) start at the beginning of any product design, not at the end. We support the “do one thing as good as possible” concept for stories, models, implementations, products. We strive for separation of concerns, of simple distributed interfaces over “this one solution” – which never fits. We believe in E2E quality. And we know every agile project will fail when it does not cater for Continuous Delivery.

Q: What is PRINCE2 Agile?

A: PRINCE2 Agile is for projects which are embedded into a PRINCE2 ecosystem. Both PRINCE2 Agile and PRINCE2 are not suitable for Business as Usual (BAU).

See my brief introduction to PRINCE2 Agile post.

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